MiWay Business Insurance

At MiWay, we realise that the roadside assistance needs of a truck owner differ greatly to those of a fleet owner.

Therefore, when it comes to business insurance, we have allowed our clients to increase the amounts that they are insured for - as they require.

Why insure your Business with MiWay?

Unlike many commercial insurance policies, MiWay Business Insurance offers a flat excess to the business owner, making budgeting in the time of a loss much easier. Often a percentage excess is applied by other companies, meaning that the first amount payable by a client can be astronomical when the item being claimed for is of a high value.

MiWay Business Insurance offers you and your business a good range of benefits.

Replacement of locks & keys; roadside assistance; as well as towing and recovery are supplied as standard cover - but can be increased to any limit, as chosen by the client.

  • Business vehicle hire or vehicle loss of use
    We know that some business vehicles are purpose-built and that a rental vehicle simply won’t be able to temporarily replace your vehicle, which is why we will pay you a loss of use amount per day as an alternative to car hire.
  • Business outside of South Africa
    MiWay Business Insurance understands that your business activities may not be restricted to South Africa or even to daytime use. Therefore your insurance should also not be restricted. We offer business use outside of South Africa into several African territories as well as covering you at night time should you conduct your business then.

    The territories in which you will receive cover are:
    Neighbouring countries: Botswana,Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe
    Extended territories: Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, DRC (All areas south of, and including, Lubumbashi)
  • Business roadside assistance
    You will have access to roadside assistance for your business vehicles and trailers.
  • Goods in Transit
    Understanding what vehicle the business owner has on cover and what goods are being transported allows us to better rate your risk exposure. You are therefore able to insure Goods in Transit on a standalone basis or to link the goods to a vehicle insured by MiWay Business Insurance, usually leading to a lower premium.
  • Locks and keys
    MiWay will pick up the cost for replacing your business vehicles’ locks, keys and remote controls (up to the limit stated on your Coversheet / Policy Schedule) should they be lost or stolen.
  • Towing
    Wreckage removal, towing and storage will all be taken care of and arranged by your friendly MiWay Business Insurance claims team.
  • Excess
    We offer our business customers a fixed standard excess which you may increase or decrease to suit your financial needs. We don't have percentage-based excesses. You will therefore know at all times exactly what your excess would be - should you need to claim.
  • Excellent service from MiWay
    At MiWay we strive for service excellence. As a business owner, you have the option to have your business insurance quote done telephonically by one of our skilled call centre advisors or by one of our knowledgeable field agents paying you a visit to complete a quote in the comfort of your own office.
  • MiRewards
    At MiWay, our Business customers earn rewards too, whether they claim or not. We understand that sometimes accidents are not within your control - we therefore do not penalise you for circumstances that might not be in your control. The basic premise behind the MiRewards program is this: we reward Business customers with a cash pay-out when they turn out to be a better-than-assumed risk.
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