Prys Comparison


Prys Comparison was officially launched in August 2015, running on the domain, he numbers kept growing crashing the servers several times, on the 10th of September Bribed Smart Shopping was renamed to Prys Comparison and that is when a new domain name "" was registered. Bribed was not dropped completely due to marketing and domain issues. The founders believed prys was a name more suitable for the market as the website focuses on Prys Comparison.

Prys is an Afrikaans word for price


This Application and all its websites main focus is to deliver a hassle free, easy to use, fast Price Comparison tool ever seen in South Africa.

For Businesses and Merchant

This Application was developed for Uncle Rob who owns a Spaza shop around the corner, for Mr. Botha who owns a chain of retail Supermarkets, for Richard a young online gaming store owner. We made it simple for everyone to use, and Smart enough to get the job done Fast
  1. Easy Listing - we have developed a one click function that allows you to say "I am selling this at that price" easy and simpler - No technical skills needed
  2. Simpler targeted Advertising - due to adblockers we believe internet advertising is under threat, our solution was this website that allows you to create easy ads that will really interest your audience
  3. We support any product xml feed with a price, item name, description and link - 24/7 support for feed setup
  4. Easy to use reporting and perfomance tools

For General users

This Application was developed for Sarah wa mother of two, with a busy work schedule and a nagging husband, Zoliswa a busy Social worker, Ron a lazy gamer and for you -Made to save you time on your shopping by bringing a big Mall to you smart phone.
  1. Price Comparison - Hassle free and clear listing of products, retailers and descriptions
  2. Product Reviews - Easy to review products
  3. Plan before you shop - the tool was developed so that users can arrange, plan their shopping and simple take their smart phones with so they can calculate pricing as they shop or print a shopping lists they can take to the shop. Lets not forget that only 1% of shopping is done online, so we focus on making offline shopping easy for the 40% who plan their shopping online.
  4. Budget Plan - The tool is for users to calculate, set and plan their monthly incomes and expenses


Prys Comparison is another exciting division of Imbokodo Innovations Pty Ltd (Reg Number: 2013/193820/07), See division management below

The Team

If you believe  can be an asset and you are dedicated, driven or you would love to invest in a dedicated, driven team, please send an email to or make use of the communication tool below
Founder, Operations and Development Engineer:

Nkosikhona Carlos - The founder and employee #1 of Prys Comparison, Nkosikhona spends most of his time developing django and python applications.

LinkedIn: Nkosikhona Carlos


Content Engineer:

Wendy Kelly - Mother - Farmer - Business Planner and Content strategist, Wendy has experience in web design, business development and administration from Ireland to South Africa

Marketing Engineer:

Shen Levy - A moved strong woman who has vast experience in PR and Social media, meet the woman who drives our social Marketing and Social Media

  1. Easy Listing

    We have sorted the Categories, Sub Categories and Brands for easy navigation around the website

  2. Shopping

    Easily add products to Shopping lists by selecting your list and Store, for publishers and merchant you can also link product to your store in one click

  3. Do you sell This?

    Easily link products to your online Store/Profile on One Click Product listing

  4. Monthly Budget

    You will need to tell the system its a new month, Create a new Monthly Budget and stay up to date, the rest is up to Max