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Re-target your Customers and grow your Sales

It is a known fact that only 3% of your  shoppers will purchase goods from your online store their first visit. That unfortunately is a proven fact and it makes matters worse when you have an online store that targets South Africans.Psychologically we as humans our minds are set not to try new things, the mind ...

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Forget Black Friday and save

People go crazy when they hear the word special, especially when they hear Black Friday Special.On Black Friday Last year billions where spent shopping on that Friday of the year. The truth is on Black Friday we spend all the money we have, and sometimes the money we do not have because we see that all the things that we ...

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Planning of starting an Online Store! What you need to know

When it comes to the hard questions there is not a really right answer so let us take you through the basics of starting an online business or store.Just like a physical local retail online stores need investments. Steps.

    Tools to useThe are a number of tools you could use to develop your online store some are paid for some are ...

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Get a full featured Online Store, 12 Months Hosting and Support

Prys Comparison has 7 years of development experience and over 3 years working with E-Commerce websites and applications, enough about us. We understand you would love to start an online business with the minimal risk and investment, with that in mind we have come up with a killer package that will get your online business at ...

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Wanna make extra Rands, how about you sell us out

A new Prys Comparison Platform is looking for sales people - anyone can do it from home, bed or schoolResponsibilities:

    Source own leadsVisit, call ...

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Save "Rands" this December

Don't let the holidays do a number on your finances. Here are the best ways to save money in December: Start with a Budget Get your month started off right by creating a budget that takes all of those extra holiday expenses into account:

Simplify Dial down your holiday plans to the things that matter most. Scratch a ...

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101 Places to visit in South Africa - Travelstart Blog

South Africans have a lot to be proud of. We are rated third in the world in supplying safe, drinkable tap water, and despite Eskom’s bad reputation, we enjoy some of the cheapest electricity in the world. More than these basic human necessities, our colourful nation draws visitors from near and far for its natural beauty, world cities, people and ...

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Partner with Us

Prys Comparison on Bribed is committed to saving the people a lot of money on their shopping and making their lives better, but before we can do that we would need to make our Startup Business better, we would need to grow it so we can possible reach a more South African Shoppers.Within 4 months after release the application has ...

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About US

HistoryPrys Comparison on Bribed was officially launched on Alpha Mode on the of August 2015, on the Domain, from that day the numbers kept growing crashing the servers several times, on the 10th of September Bribed Smart Shopping was renamed to Prys Comparison on Bribed and that is when a new domain name "" was registered. Bribed was not ...

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Howto save money when buying a computer

Although technology continues to become more powerful and yet also (usually) more affordable, computers and other gadgets are still major purchases that you'll likely replace in a few years. It pays, then, to plan ahead to get the best deal on these items. If you're buying a computer for work purposes (or to use at least partly for working remotely), ...

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HAVE you met the founder before?

A few days AGO I introduced to you, MAX our robot.Today I would love you all to meet the guy behind MAX, meet Nkosikhona Carlos the founder of bribed and the developer of MAX"Meet me"10 years ago when I started programming I never would have thought ...

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Introducing Max the new Robot

Please do not call him Mad Max, but this guy is Crazy. Max is our systems robot, working 24 hours committed to bringing the best to you.Please everybody Welcome Bribed's robot Max.What Max does every midnight is, he crawls through all the user accounts, calculating their spending rates and suggesting Ads for them at the same time keeping their information ...

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15 Ways to Save Money When You're Shopping [Stolen from]

There's thestuff you need. Then there's the stuff you want. And then there's the stuff you didn't even know you wanted, but you're out killing time at the mall with your friends, and now you're surrounded by cool-looking stuff and you're in grave danger of blowing your monthly budget on something you ...

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Plan your Kitchen for More Space

Even if you know exactly what you want your new kitchen to look like, planning cabinetry is quite a feat. How much storage do you need? How much cabinetry can you install without making your new kitchen feel even smaller than the original? What needs to be stored there? Whether you're planning a remodel or just need to reorganize, you ...

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In the beggining

Please allow me to redefine InnovationIt has always been my dream to do something innovative, creative and something that would make the world say "WOW". A few day ago "14 June 2015" I officially launched [alpha] as the first step. Let me Introduce you to Bribed Smart Shopping. For those who have been following, we started in December 2014 as ...

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  1. Easy Listing

    We have sorted the Categories, Sub Categories and Brands for easy navigation around the website

  2. Shopping

    Easily add products to Shopping lists by selecting your list and Store, for publishers and merchant you can also link product to your store in one click

  3. Do you sell This?

    Easily link products to your online Store/Profile on One Click Product listing

  4. Monthly Budget

    You will need to tell the system its a new month, Create a new Monthly Budget and stay up to date, the rest is up to Max