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For over 50 years now, NUK has been ensuring that mothers and their children enjoy a sense of wellbeing and security like no other in their constantly evolving world. NUK soothers were designed by Dr. Müller and Prof. Balters who used their expert knowledge of orthodontics and found that the mother’s nipple changes shape as she breastfeeds. It does this by adapting optimally to the baby’s mouth.
Founded: Jan. 1, 1956

NUK First Choice Premium Gift Pack (0-18 ... (NUK)

R588.00 @ Loot
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Nuk First Choice Mini Starter Pack (Pink ... (NUK)

R340.00 @ Loot
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Nuk First Choice Starter Pack (Green Stars) (NUK)

R501.00 @ Loot
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Nu School of Planet Dub (CD) (NUK)

R286.00 @ Loot
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NUK First Choice Premium Gift Pack (0-6 ... (NUK)

R671.00 @ Loot
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NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump (Multicolour) (NUK)

R651.00 @ Loot
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NUK Soft & Easy Manual Breast Pump (NUK)

R373.00 @ Loot
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NUK Weaning Set with Cutlery (Red, Purple ... (NUK)

R317.00 @ Loot
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Nu Med (CD) (NUK)

R279.00 @ Loot
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NUK First Choice Crate Starter Pack (Blue) (NUK)

R576.00 @ Loot
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