Prys™ Comparison Help Line

Creating a Merchant or Advertising Account

So you know the good news, you can advertise for Free on Prys Comparison.Before you can jump these are the steps you need to takeStep 1Login or Signup for a free account on Prys Comparison - or click hereStep 2Once you are logged click on the button that says "Merchant Centre" (It is available on all pages) or copy ...

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Advertising your Products

This is the easiest thing to do.You need to be logged in and have a valid and active merchant Account.Step 1Like you would normally browse search for the product you are selling, eg: "Dell XPS" from the search barStep 2Hover over the Product and Click on "Add to YourStoreName List"Step 3Fill the form, Price, Link to your website and Check if ...

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Getting Offers

All products listed can be purchased from the Merchants that listed them by simple clicking on "View Offer"Please Note, Prys Comparison is just an Advertising medium, connecting you with the right merchants

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Deleting Merchant Account

You may delete your Merchant Account at any given stage, all you need to do is send an email to  and the Admins will take it from there, we will always try to help you before we delete so as to customise your experience and make sure you enjoy our services

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  1. Easy Listing

    We have sorted the Categories, Sub Categories and Brands for easy navigation around the website

  2. Shopping

    Easily add products to Shopping lists by selecting your list and Store, for publishers and merchant you can also link product to your store in one click

  3. Do you sell This?

    Easily link products to your online Store/Profile on One Click Product listing

  4. Monthly Budget

    You will need to tell the system its a new month, Create a new Monthly Budget and stay up to date, the rest is up to Max