Funeral Cover from R25 a Month

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Family Funeral Cover

Ensure that you and your loved ones are covered for Death by Accident and Death by Natural Causes in ONE policy.

No-one likes to think about the death of a loved one, however planning for the eventuality of a family member's funeral in advance could help to ease the financial burden in times of need. Ensure that you and your loved ones are amply covered for both death by accident and death by natural causes in ONE affordable policy from Sanlam, and start planning ahead with one of South Africa's top award-winning financial services and insurance providers today.

Want to find out why more and more people are viewing Sanlam icover as the best funeral cover in South Africa? Take a look:

It's instant: Simply choose your level of cover, request your personalised icover funeral insurance quote online, and your premium will be calculated instantly. Just register and pay, and you'll be covered immediately, no questions asked.

It's convenient: Purchase your Sanlam icover Family Funeral Plan online, and you'll be able to pay your monthly premiums easily via debit order, credit card or EFT - no hassles, no fuss.

It's affordable: Thanks to a 12-month waiting period on claims related to death by natural causes, icover is able to keep your rates as low as possible, with funeral cover starting from as little as R25 a month!

It's trustworthy: As soon as you've officially purchased your funeral cover, you'll receive a Membership Certificate detailing the family members you've chosen to cover under your plan, the level of cover they qualify for, and your monthly premium - no fine print, and no hidden costs attached.

It's stress-free: Unlike other funeral insurance providers in South Africa, Sanlam icover doesn't require you to fill out any extra paperwork or contracts, or take any medical tests. No matter what your medical condition at your time of purchase, you'll still be eligible for a Sanlam icover Family Funeral Plan, and the financial support it provides.

It's lifelong: Once you take out your funeral insurance with icover, you'll be covered for the rest of your life with an affordable, age-banded premium. Move through the age bands, and your premium will be adjusted accordingly, giving you long-term affordability and complete peace of mind.

It's fast: Register a claim with Sanlam icover, and you'll be paid out within 48 hours, giving you immediate access to crucial funds when you need them most. Ready to start experiencing all the benefits of Sanlam icover? Then request your affordable funeral insurance quote today. The sooner you do, the sooner you and your loved ones can look forward to the much-needed reassurance and financial support that world-class funeral cover provides.

Get cover now!
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