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Corsair Raptor K30 Gaming Keyboard

Brand: Corsair
Consumer Electronics >>> Keyboards, Mouses & Accessories
Barcode: id: 17190

Adjustable backlighting, six G-keys and anti-ghosting for faster, better gamingThe Corsair Raptor K30 gaming keyboard provides the gaming essentials: adjustable backlighting, programmable G-keys with onboard storage and anti-ghosting circuitry for accurate input during fast play. The red backlighting makes it easy to find critical keys in dimly lit environments. You can select from low-impact, normal, or extra bright lighting, or turn it off entirely. The six dedicated, programmable G-keys allow for easy access to up to 18 of your most-used combinations, and settings are stored onboard, so you can take your K30 from system to system. And, easy-access multimedia controls let you play, stop, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume directly from the keyboard. Red backlighting with three illumination settingsIts easy to find critical keys in dimly lit rooms. Select from low-impact, normal, or extra-bright lighting, or turn it off entirely. Six dedicated, programmable G-keys for storage of up to 18 presetsAccess your favorite macros, presets and key combinations, even during the most intense action. Three M keys triple the storage capacity. Game-optimized anti-ghosting circuitryEvery keystroke translates into accurate gameplayeven when multiple keys are pressed. On-board profile storageStores settings and profiles in the keyboard memory so they work independently of software and on other PCs. Easy-access multimedia controlsPlay, stop, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume directly from the keyboard. About Corsair Gaming KeyboardsCorsair gaming keyboards are designed for competitive play. Crafted with high-quality components and materials, they offer great key feel and the responsiveness you need when victory is essential. They deliver incredible responsiveness, customizability and precision to elevate your game. Compatibility and System Requirements: - A PC with a high-power (+500mA) USB 2.0 port- Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP- An Internet connection is required for the free control software download- At least 35MB of available hard disk space Specifications and Performance: - Rubber dome keys- Red LED backlighting with three levels of illumination- Six dedicated macro keys- 36KB of onboard memory- Seven easy-access multimedia keysSTOP, PREVIOUS, PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT, MUTE, VOLUME UP, DOWN- Windows Lock key for uninterrupted game play

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